Dispatchers Collectable Coin
Dispatchers Collectable Coin

Dispatchers Collectable Coin

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Dispatchers Collectable Coin

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The Official Combined Communications Center Challenge Coin!

All funds and proceeds from the sales of Combined Communications Center gear go towards the Las Vegas Dispatcher Sunshine fund.  Throughout the year dispatchers from our center spend time working with various charities throughout the Las Vegas Valley, specifically the Ronald McDonald House and Three Square, to help bring some positivity to our community.  These funds help support these efforts and pay it forward! 

Here is what the coin means to us:

Front – The front is our official Center logo.  Created by one of our Communications Specialists, it combines the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign with aspects of our Las Vegas Fire and Rescue patch.  It is the first logo soley dedicated to the Combined Communications Center.

Back – We took extra time trying to put together a coin that not only looked good, but had meaning to it.  The back touches on several aspects of what it is like to be a 9-1-1 dispatcher, not only in Las Vegas, but throughout the country.  Working from the outside in:

Dotted Lines:  These represent the individual aspect of being a 9-1-1 dispatcher.  The one-on-one interaction we have with a caller.  The give and take we have, and the individual effort calls often take.  They are in a circle though to still represent the teamwork that can come together from our efforts.

Solid Line:  The solid line represents the teamwork aspect of the job.  The moment where all our efforts become a singular action and mission.

Black background:  This represents the unknown of our job.  Each day, each effort, and especially each call is unknown.  When that line rings, we never know what will be on the other side.  The darkness represents what we can not see, and only hear.

Distressed Flag:  The distressed flag represents the trauma of the job.  Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, burnout, and PTSD, they all are real factors and consequences to the job we do. 

Gold Line:  Good as gold, 9-1-1 Dispatchers across the country represent the thin gold line!