Anthony Bruno, with 15 years of service with the City of Las Vegas Fire - specifically 10 years with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue - is our December Hero of the Month!

Originally from Valencia, California, Bruno often visited his local firehouse as a child, and knew that being a part of the fire service was his calling. This reflects in Bruno’s work today, like when he trusted his intuition, ultimately saving a man’s life.

On March 5th, 2015, at 5 am, Bruno observed first responders at a severe car accident on the 95 near Kyle Canyon Rd. As ambulances departed the scene, Bruno heard a distant noise, initially thinking it was an animal. When he started his truck to leave the scene, a gut feeling prompted him to investigate. To his shock, he discovered a victim from the high-speed collision, trapped in a vehicle.

Bruno rushed to get help, leading to the successful rescue of the individual. Outside of his life-saving duties, Bruno dedicates his time to family. He and his wife share a unique connection, having been not only classmates from kindergarten through 7th grade, but next-door neighbors. She was the first girl he ever held hands with!

Speaking of family  - contrary to the expectation that delivering babies over the phone is a rite of passage for dispatchers, Bruno defied the odds by holding a record of 10 years without such an experience. However, after his first delivery on the 911 floor, he had two more in just one week!

Bruno confronts daily challenges in his role, taking pride in demonstrating compassion, quick thinking, and a supportive demeanor. This is evident in instances like when he comforted a 5-year-old caller during an emergency, taking the time to learn about the family dogs and her favorite color; all to keep her company and occupy her mind as units were enroute.

Bruno is celebrated as this month’s hero for his dual role as a dedicated family man and a compassionate fire dispatcher. His commitment in both areas earns him heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable impact he makes every day.

October 2023

Hero of the month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are celebrating a hero whose journey began in 2007 as a firefighter and evolved into roles as an engineer and, presently, a Captain for nearly 5 years at Station 15 with a dedicated crew of 12.

Rochelle Rowell shares her experience, aiming not only to increase awareness but also to be approachable, offering support to others who may encounter similar challenges in the future.

This hero's resilience came to the forefront when her cancer was detected early during her very first mammogram. Faced with a double mastectomy to remove a 9cm mass and enduring 28 radiation treatments - while raising her 2 young daughters, no less - she emerged with a profound understanding that a positive attitude is a personal choice that remains strong.

In the role of Captain, Rochelle actively fosters positivity and crew unity, recognizing its contagious impact. Despite no family history of breast cancer, her awareness heightened about the prevalence of cancer among firefighters, advocating for reduced exposures and regular screening.

September 2023

Hero of the Month

Meet our first Hero of the Month, Jacqueline Belluomini, the fearless firefighter from Station 10!

With 17 years of firefighting experience and 2 years as a captain she's shown us that having a positive outlook can turn even the wildest situations into an adventure. Like one of her most memorable rescues - wrestling a 13-foot python during a house fire call!

Despite her fear of snakes (even more than Indiana Jones), she bravely jumped in to save her captain from becoming a snake's new best friend! They improvised, shoving the python into a 50-gallon trash can, putting a second one inside to keep it at bay, and carried the wiggling garbage can to safety.

Jacqueline, you're a true hero, and we're proud to celebrate your dedication and bravery!