This little list should get way more than 80% of your questions out of the way, but if not, don't worry, you can just message us using the tab below , and we'll get right back to you.


1.  When will I get my stuff?

We mostly SHIP OUT in 7 weekdays or less for tshirts and regular embroidery items. We're building up stock of Class B uniforms and job shirts, so we'll soon be offering those in the same amount of time, but for now we'll need about two to three weeks to get them to you due to the time the manufacturers take to ship them to us if we don't already have them in. Which is still half the time of our competitors.

2.  How much do you give the organizations you work with?

It varies based on what they need in terms of the products, pricing, and what the cost is for production, fulfillment, and distribution of whatever we're creating or sourcing.  We basically just figure it all out case by case, make it clear exactly what they're going to get for every item sold, and then send reports and checks as the sales roll in.  We now have the capability of setting up  personal online stores for individual organizations, which takes the stress of collecting orders away from the organization.

3.   Can I return or exchange items?

Absolutely. Do us a favor and don't wash or alter the item, and we're all good.   If you get an item that doesn't fit, is defective for any reason, or (God forbid) you don't like, just message us through the green tab below, and we'll take care of it for you.  

4.  What if my organization doesn't want to raise money, but we want you to provide apparel, uniforms, and gear to us?

No problem!  Drop us a line, and we're on it!  You'll love our service, products, and prices.

5.  Will you design tshirts for me?  Make me cool stuff?  Find me cool stuff?

Absolutely! Drop us a message and give us a little info about what you're wanting to do.  We can help and get it going or point you in the right direction if its out of our wheelhouse.

6.  So...Do you carry the items you sell in stock or do you just get them after I order them?

We either carry stock of it, can get it within three days on tshirts, bags, and hats.  We try to carry stock of everything on some level depending on the overall demand for the product unless we do a specific fundraiser that requires a set amount of purchases to go forward.  Like we said above, we're building our stock of Class B uniforms, so we're working on a regular inventory of that as well.  

7.  If my organization signs up with you, will you manage our Uniform SOP's or can we buy stuff that you don't list from you like unapproved brands of duty shirts?

No. We will ask your organization to give us a list of "Please provide" and "Please DO NOT provide".  We've found a huge disparity between what organizations feel is appropriate for duty wear that makes it impossible to do anything but take direction from them.  In the case of uniforms, we want them to decide what they feel is "safe" for use in the field as we have our own opinions that may or may not jibe with theirs or NFPA.  


In terms of off duty items, we can do all kinds of great things, so don't despair.

8.  Do you only work with firefighter organizations?

Nope!  We work with all kinds including hospitals, schools, veterans charities, and businesses.  Our favorite thing to do is to help raise money for good causes in general.  

9.  I have my own line of clothes that I want to expand, can you help?  

Sure.  Just drop us a line.  We do it for others already.

10.  Who's going to be the next president of the United States?

We have no idea, but they better not mess it up!  We love our country.