Shipping & Returns

We hustle hard! Expect your standard tees and gear within 7 weekdays, but if you're eyeing those Class B uniforms, or need to order up a specialty set of scrubs, give us 2 to 3 weeks - we're on it! Our competitors might snooze, but we're zipping through, and we promise our turnaround time beats others on any day.

Absolutely! Keep it as fresh as you got it. If something's not right, ping us at We've got your back, always!

Custom Orders

You got it! Shoot us a message and spill the beans. We'll either whip it up or point you in the right direction. Consider us your design superheroes!

Blink, and it's done! Usually less than 48 hours if we've got the item in hand. Just buzz us for specifics; sometimes the magic takes a tad longer for big orders.

We're like Santa, but cooler. T-shirts, bags, hats - we've got 'em or can snag 'em in 3 days. For scrubs, we may find it takes more like 8 business days to receive them if we do not have the inventory. We strive to keep a good supply of everything, based on popularity. 


We vibe with hospitals, schools, veterans, you name it! Our passion? Helping good causes soar!

We're all about that personal touch! It varies, depending on your needs, but we're in this together, making dreams happen!

Easy peasy! Reach out, and we've got your back. Top-notch service, killer products, and prices that won't break the bank!

We're like matchmakers - your rules, your gear! Give us your "Please provide" and "Please DON'T provide" list. Duty wear? Your call. Off-duty? We're the masters of creativity!

Absolutely! Slide into our DMs via the Contact Form, and let's talk shop. We're here to make your clothing dreams bigger and better!

Still got burning questions? Don't sweat it! Reach out using the Contact Form. We're your gear gurus, ready to assist!