Vegas Strong 58 Angels Black

Vegas Strong 58 Angels Black

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We were shook by the events of 10/1.  I (Paul) was down on the strip at the Beerhaus talking about how much I loved the Knights being our team after my first preseason game when gunfire began to ring out.  Sirens began pouring down the strip from every direction and the police began to set up a perimeter at Trop.  I was wearing an LVFR baseball cap that someone in the crowd noticed and asked aloud, "What should we do?".  I told everyone to head in the opposite direction of the gunfire.  The night was filled with making sure friends and colleagues were safe and getting updates on what was being seen and done.  It was horrific.

Shanon was still doing Heroic and felt like he should do something.  He struggled with the idea of selling shirts about a tragedy even if it was to raise money, but Alicia (his better half) told him he'd better do it because shirts would be sold somewhere no matter what, and who knew whether or not money would actually go to people who might need it.  She told him that at least he'd know some did.  Well...Leave it to Vegas first responders, their families, and the people that love them.  Heroic raised 12,000 dollars that was donated to benefit our first responders in town.  

It's become a bit of a "thing" for us...We can't not do this for as long as we've got a company and people willing to support our people.  So...this year, we're doing more of our Vegas Strong shirts and trying to honor everyone affected by the tragedy, the 58 people that lost their lives, the first responders we work with and love in Vegas, and those that have done so much to make a horrific situation better.  We're again gonna give monies raised to our local first responders. 

We hope you'll buy 10 of them each.

We love this town.  We love our People.

The misfits behind Heroic Supply