Don't Tread Flag
Don't Tread Flag

Don't Tread Flag

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There are groups of people that risk their lives and health for others.

There are groups of people who make it their profession to get better at helping you, a stranger.

There are people who have said, "Send Me" to where there is disaster, lost hope, or evil.

People who say, "I'll go." when others are running away.

They're called "heroes", and then they're vilified.

Political and news organizations support and lambast them in equal measure to fit whatever message they're selling that day.  

Everyday, though.

They keep doing their job.  They keep going to help.  They defy the odds.  They demonstrate not only courage in moments, but the courage it requires to keep going in spite of all the horrors and evil they see and experience.  They demonstrate the best and bravest of human nature. 

Here at Heroic...We're on their side. 


Don't Tread On This Family.